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How to Throw an Epic Launch Party for a Salon Opening

Congratulations on opening up your very own salon! Becoming a business owner is a crazy (yet satisfying) journey. There are few moments that can make you prouder than holding the keys to your own building, and that calls for a major celebration! Throwing a launch party for the opening of your salon is not only a great way to celebrate your accomplishments as an entrepreneur, but it’s also essential for attracting store customers and new clients. Here are a few tips on how to throw an epic launch party:


Pop Up Shop

Salons have always been a safe haven for women looking to receive a relaxing spa experience. Whether it’s having your hair washed or getting your feet pampered, there are several treats available at salons. It’s the perfect place for all beauty products, and we do mean all products.


Your salon opening would be a great spot to host a pop-up shop. It’s the best way to showcase other lines and products that help encourage women to indulge in self-care and beauty routines. Having similar small businesses and companies as vendors during your salon opening is one of the best ways to celebrate the beauty industry.



One of the companies you should consider having as a vendor is Glamnetic. Glamnetic is an online beauty company that sells false eyelashes, individual eyelashes, and false lash strips in different lengths and looks. In addition to having an impressive lash line, they also sell accessories such as tweezers, glue, and mascara.


As much as we adore our real lashes, there’s just something gorgeous about the dramatic look that false eyelashes give. If you want to tone it down, you can still go for a natural look with Glamnetic’s natural lash line. Applying eyelashes has become an essential step in many make-up routines; booking this company as a vendor for your pop-up shop would be a win-win for all of your store customers.



The opening of your salon should be a celebration, and every celebration needs some cheerful libations. Even if you’re not necessarily big on drinking, when it comes to a special occasion, wine or champagne is needed for a proper toast. It keeps the energy in the room abuzz and makes the occasion all the more celebratory.



You’ll need to make a stop at a liquor store that has a wide selection of red wines, white wines, bourbon, spirits, and several other alcoholic beverages. Due to extra safety precautions in light of Covid-19, Joe Canal’s is offering curbside pickup, in addition to having a special shopping hour for high-risk customers and seniors. All you’ll need to do is wear a face covering when you go to pick up your alcoholic beverage of choice!


Good Tunes

A major factor in every big event is having amazing, feel-good music in the background. Music is universal. Music is good for the soul. Music is definitely necessary to encourage good vibrations during any situation.


Booking a DJ is the cherry on top of planning a perfect launch party. DJs are not only great for providing some amazing tunes, but they have an interactive role as well. Between playing the hottest songs and hyping up your store customers and guests, this is a great investment that is sure to promise an even better time.


If you decide not to go the DJ route, you can still include music! Get together with your staff or some musically-inclined friends to build a playlist for your opening day. This is also ideal because you get to really pick and chose the music based on your personal taste. Since the day is about you, it’s only fitting that your music selection speaks to that as well.



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