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How to Stop Phubbing

Phubbing is the amalgamation of the words “phone” and “snubbing.” It was coined by an Australian advertising agency in 2012 for the Australian Macquarie Dictionary. Although the word may seem foreign, the action is very much real. Phubbing significantly affects the quality time of several relationship partners in today’s world.

Since spending time with your partner is a significant aspect of healthy relationships, phubbing is a distraction that can negatively impact your long-term relationship. However, there are practical ways to nip this habit in the bud. Below are some tips on how to stop phubbing.

Add some romantic spice to your relationship.


Occasionally, even the best relationships suffer dry periods of non-existent romance that can spell their doom if left unchecked. Therefore, several relationship experts continuously stress the importance of gifts and other spontaneous acts to keep the butterflies fluttering. Therefore, consider some thoughtful, romantic gestures to show appreciation to your spouse instead of always focusing on your own personal interests. Valentine’s day is typically the open season for romantic gift-giving, but by focusing purely on this routine alone, you run the risk of choking the life out of your relationship. Luckily, there are several perfect gift ideas you can count on to make a good impression on your girlfriend. Sites like Stopphubbing.com can help with this.

Stop Phubbing is a multi-category content website that provides you with your daily source of distraction. They curate the best content from around the world that you can delve into from the comfort of your phone. You can discover the best ideas for romantic gifts that can range from a gift box to a date night, depending on your partner’s love language. As such, there are several options to explore. An unexpected, candle-lit, romantic dinner will undoubtedly do the trick for a stressed-out partner. Romantic getaways, seeing movies together, gifting lovely jewelry, and personal, thoughtful gestures are also great romantic gift ideas to consider.

Prioritize your sex life.

Sex is an integral aspect of a great marriage that couples must prioritize to keep their relationships exciting. Sadly, several couples occasionally lose their sexual desire due to erectile dysfunction and challenges with orgasm, and many do little to rekindle those flames. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to jump-start your dull sex life. Taking natural supplements can boost your sex drive and improve libido. Also, many relationship experts recommended prolonged foreplay as the key to sexual intimacy.

Seeing a professional sex therapist can also significantly revamp your sex life. These therapists have sex classes that teach the nuances of sexual intimacy, oral sex, sex toys like vibrators, and tips for new positions. Relationship content sites like Stop Phubbing can help with insightful content on this and several other topics to increase your vast knowledge. Stop Phubbing provides readers with a wide range of information across several categories ranging from career advice to garden decor for their readers’ pleasures.

Discuss important issues with your partner.


Phubbing usually creeps in out of boredom, leading either partner to opt for their phone as a means of escape. Therefore, an effective phubbing elimination strategy is to fill in the boredom by engaging your boyfriend or girlfriend on essential decisions you may have to take as a couple someday. Parenthood is perhaps one of the many tricky but important things to discuss with your partner. Issues like these are undoubtedly engaging and present a unique opportunity to have a rare heart-to-heart with your spouse. You can also talk about the expenses attached to starting a family. Considering that you’ll be raising the child from birth through high school and college, having well-paid jobs and finances are vital here.

You would also need to discuss whether your girlfriend will be a home mom or leave child care to a babysitter or daycare facility. The relationship stress of having a family and other potential developments are also important things to discuss before starting a family. Useful content on websites such as Stop Phubbing provides great insight into many of these issues, among others. From finance tips to home decor, their insightful articles give readers helpful advice that comes in handy in their everyday lives.

Form fresh connections with your partner.

It’s no secret that good emotional intimacy is necessary to keep relationships alive. Therefore, it’s vital to form new connections with your partner often to deepen your bond. This stronger bond will reduce the likelihood of phubbing, as you’ll be too busy entertaining each other instead of ignoring each other. Typically, a lot of people find it challenging to trust partners after their relationships encounter problems such as cheating. To address this, learning how to reconnect with your partner is a practical way to ensure your relationship’s longevity. Good online content sites such as Stop Phubbing can help with this need by providing helpful content through articles. What’s more, their articles cover a wide range of other categories specially written for readers to learn necessary information across different areas.

Focus on your spouse.

By simply focusing on your spouse, you can successfully eliminate multiple distractions that rob them of your attention. Consequently, prioritize complete focus on your partner anytime you get a chance to be together. Back rubs, eye contact, and public displays of affection like holding hands are great ways to focus on your spouse. Following tips like these will undoubtedly make you become a better husband or wife and strengthen your relationship, so they’re worth paying attention to.

Leave your smartphone behind or out of sight.

These days, attachment to cell phones and gadgets is so deep that it may be difficult to control the habit despite several attempts. Consequently, a crude but effective tactic you can try is abandoning your phone altogether during the time with your spouse. This tactic is beneficial in restaurant settings and other intimate settings. Research indicates that people who have conversations without their smartphones around feel more connected and report more meaningful productive discussions. Therefore, eliminate the temptation of constantly checking your phone by keeping it concealed when with your partner or leaving it behind if applicable.

In conclusion, getting phubbed is an unpleasant experience that no one likes to go through, given that we’re social beings. Therefore, rely on the above-listed points along with other helpful tips to quit phubbing and focus more attention on your spouse.

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