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Tips for Becoming a Better Husband

If things have started to sour between you and your partner, remember that it’s never too late to make changes. Even the simplest of things like giving her a kiss in the morning before you leave for work can make a difference. It’s up to you to decide if you want to commit to making positive changes in your marriage before it’s too late. How can you be more patient with your wife? More thoughtful? More caring? Here are six simple tips you can start doing today that will improve your marriage, and help you become a better husband.


Be Present

It’s so easy to get caught up in today’s technology. Society has advanced so far that people carry literal computers in their pockets and purses. We’ve become accustomed to sharing our daily lives on social media, rather than being present with those around us. It’s fun to share a picture of the lunch you ate today, but did you tell your wife about it? When you get home from work, do you veg out in front of your phone instead of engaging in human interaction? A new study has shown that phone use causes an emotional distance between couples, whether it’s intended or not. So put the phone down, and be human.




Be Sexual

It sounds easy, but sometimes it can be complicated. Life has a way of ruining the mood! You can be tired from work, she can be stressed out from juggling the kids all day, and sex quickly can take a back seat. One of the quickest ways to reconnect with your wife is through a good romp in the bedroom. Sex has been proven to boost your mood, and relieve stress. If daily stresses and possibly old age have effected your blood flow and caused erectile dysfunction, that’s okay. Thankfully there are pills that can boost sexual performance and raise your sexual stamina. VigRX Plus has been through clinical studies and can help with your sexual health.


Be Mindful

We can’t control what happens when we leave the house each morning. We can’t control the situations and events that bring stress into our lives. But we can control how we react, and the energy we bring back into the house at the end of the day. If you’re constantly walking through the front door in a grumpy, irritated mood, your partner will suffer for it. Make the decision to walk back in with positive energy. If you can’t, or you’re struggling to do so, then be honest with your wife. She will appreciate it, and rather hear that you need a few minutes to shake off the negative energy than trying to figure out why you’re in a bad mood.




Be Thoughtful

What woman out there doesn’t love it when her man plans their date? Or when he remembers a silly anniversary like the first time the two of you kissed? The one thing a marriage hinges on is time. The longer you are together, the easier it is to fall into a routine. Shake things up every now and then! Be creative, and plan a fun date night. Take her to do something she’s always wanted to do. Try a new restaurant or a new kind of food. Or make dinner yourself and set up a picnic in the living room.


Be Honest and Open

Honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to your life partner. It’s not enough to just be honest, but you need to be open as well. If she hadn’t confronted you about something, would you have told her? Men are told their entire lives not to be open and vulnerable with their feelings, but that’s not healthy at all. If you’re struggling with something, you should be able to talk to your wife about it. Being able to open up to her establishes a deep trust that you can’t find with anyone else. If you can’t be open with her, who can you be? If you are having trouble being honest with your wife, there’s always the option of marriage counseling. Sometimes with therapy it can help, and it’ll show your wife how committed you are to making things work.




Be Giving

This doesn’t mean to just give her gifts like diamond jewelry, although that can’t hurt, either! And beyond that, there is more you can do than gift gemstones. Do the dishes, take out the trash. Maybe ask her if she needs help with the laundry, or take it upon yourself to do a load here or there. Take the initiative to help around the house, or even to help a child with their homework! Giving doesn’t mean something extravagant every time. It can mean something as simple as letting her take a hot bath undisturbed while you entertain the kids. Don’t wait to give, just do it.


Making simple changes to your everyday life can make a huge impact on your marriage. If you feel that it might be too late, and date night just won’t fix things, then listen to the Be Honest tip, and talk to her. It might be time to see a marriage counselor.

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