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Unique Ways to Invest in Your Health and Wellness During Quarantine

We have been coping with quarantine for about nine months now, and most of us have enjoyed what time we could spend outside in the sunshine during the warmer months. But now that it is getting colder, it’s also getting harder to stay physically active when all gyms and workout facilities remain closed.

Staying healthy during the quarantine means more than just exercising regularly. Investing in yourself can be hard when you’re stuck inside all day, so here are some unique ways you can invest in your health and wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Purchase a pooch.


It’s easy to feel lonely when we are deprived of our normal social activities. So why not take this time to adopt a pup from a local shelter, and you’ll have a built-in companion to take care of, every single day. Dogs love unconditionally, so you will be adopting your forever best friend, and when you have something to take care of every day, you will find yourself waking up each morning with a sense of purpose. Plus, dogs will give you an excuse to stay physically active. They need constant, regular exercise, which benefits both you and them.

Not all dogs are the same, so make sure to take care when choosing the right dog harness so that they can exercise both safely and efficiently. For those pups that pull when they go on walks, you can choose a durable no pull dog harness that clips at the dog’s throat near the dog’s chest in a snug fit, instead of on their back. A regular clip harness attaches on the back through the dog’s front legs and is the best option for some pooches, like large dogs and puppies that are just learning how to walk on a leash. If you have any questions about how the leash attaches, and the difference between a no-pull dog harness, a vest-style harness, and how to negate all the dog pull on your walks, chat with your vet or dog trainer for some ideas on different behavior training you can utilize.

Just make sure the harness is not too tight on the dog’s skin and the dog’s neck and you will both be set for a great walk to remember.

Break up your day.


It is easy to park yourself on the couch all day and then stay there until the sun goes down. But staying in one position all day can make you feel sluggish and tired, so get up and have a chance of scenery every once in a while. Implementing tasks to help break up your day will make the day feel shorter, and will vastly improve your mental health.

Take some supplements.


You’ll still need to get as many nutrients and antioxidants as possible, and even more than normal now that you are not going out of the house. Make sure to invest in some good dietary supplements for your overall health and wellness. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest trying out r alpha lipoic acid, which is a vitamin that prevents certain kinds of cell damage in the body. It also restores the body to natural levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A, and can work to improve the function of glucose, blood sugar, and insulin sensitivity in the body, which can prevent the onset of diabetes. Other dietary supplements we recommend include dihydrolipoic acid, thioctic acid, s-alpha lipoic acid to help with metabolism, oxidative stress, and overall health and wellness. When your body is at its peak (and without any free radicals, oxidant damage, and inflammation), you will be feeling healthy and wonderful.

Support your immune system by being mindful.


Mindfulness is the act of staying present in the moment and releasing stress from your body. There are plenty of ways you can practice mindfulness, and this includes meditation, breathing exercises, taking a bubble bath and investing in some self-care, taking a break from the news, and intentionally reconnecting with an old friend.

With these four tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to invest in your health during these hard times.

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