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Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

Strangely, one of the easiest renovations to accomplish in a home seems to get overlooked by homeowners until it’s absolutely necessary to get done. That renovation is window replacement. If you ask yourself the question of how long it’s been since you’ve checked to see what condition your windows are in, and you can’t seem to remember, then it might be time to look into replacement window options.

If you know for a fact that your windows need to be replaced, then go ahead and look for a supplier who will come out and get the job done quickly and efficiently for you. If not, then read on below for a few signs that your home needs new windows as soon as possible.

High Energy Bills


On a super cold day, go stand next to your windows. If you can feel the cold air coming through, or you get a shiver from a draft, then it’s time for new windows. If you touch your windows and they’re cold, then your furnace is having to work overtime to keep your house warm and the cold air at bay. This, in turn, is going to wreak havoc on your energy bills. If your energy bills are super high, it could be because your windows are letting the cold air in, instead of keeping it out the way they’re intended to do.

Energy efficiency is key to reducing your energy bills, but you also need to know what electric rates you’re paying and learn about carbon offsetting if you can. The best way to check out what your electric rates are is to compare electricity rates from one electric supplier to the other. It’s best to go to a reputable energy site that compares the rates for you and helps you choose a supplier that’s best for you in your neighborhood.

Single-Pane Windows


Window replacement becomes a must when your windows are old and outdated. Single pane windows don’t give you that double layer of insulation needed to keep your home cool in the summer and warm during the winter months. You need energy-efficient windows to ensure that your home is protected from the elements, no matter the season.

If your home still has single-pane windows, it’s probably time to contact the window replacement professionals in your area to replace them with double-pane windows right away.

Poor Window Operation


Efficient windows aren’t a struggle to open. Opening and closing your windows shouldn’t be your daily workout, because you have to struggle just to unlock them. The type of window you choose for your home should open easily, so if you’re struggling to lift the window or struggling to lock it when night sets in, then it’s time to contact the professionals to have better windows installed in your home.

Outside Noise


While it’s nice to hear the birds outside of your window on a nice spring morning, it’s not so nice to hear the neighbor’s party at midnight when you have to work the next day. Older windows provide very little in the way of noise insulation, but the newer efficient windows do. If you’re tired of being kept awake or having to turn up the volume on the TV to hear over the noise in your neighborhood, it’s probably time to get some better-insulated windows in your home.

These are just a few signs that you need to contact professionals to have the windows replaced in your home. From high energy bills to outside noise, there’s not much that new windows can’t help to fix in your home, including raising the value of the property.

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