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Navigating Wrongful Death Claims after a Fatal Car Accident

Motor vehicle collisions take the lives of more than one million people worldwide on an annual basis. The year 2017 saw US motor vehicle crashes claim 37,133 lives. When automobile incidents cause death, the unplanned nature of such situations could make it impossible for the victims’ families to press criminal charges against the accident-causing parties. A wrongful death lawsuit, however, is a legal option for mourning family members to bring the situation and liable party to justice. In wrongful death suits, the victim’s family initiates a legal case to receive compensation to cover financial losses incurred following the victim’s death.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents are the most common scenarios that invoke wrongful death lawsuits because accidents tend to occur due to a driver’s negligence. People who choose to drive must follow national and state road laws and operate their automobiles in safe ways. For this reason, people who preoccupy themselves with texts, phone calls, changing radio stations, applying makeup, or eating and drinking while driving must take responsibility for road incidents, as they aren’t as focused as they should be when driving, which can be dangerous.


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People who accuse drunk drivers of causing a fatality may have a valid case for giving them the legal responsibility of financial repercussions. Legal experts can prove that someone who made the decision to drive impaired under the influence of alcohol and drugs willingly broke the law and posed a danger to others and themselves.

When fatal incidents occur, the deceased’s family members should contact a personal injury attorney practicing at a reputable law office, such as The Davis Kelin Law Firm, and determine if they’re eligible for compensation. Lawyers can provide legal advice and represent bereaved families in wrongful death lawsuits. The best personal injury lawyers are those who stay up to date on legal decisions and changes made to laws and know that each wrongful death case is unique. Experienced legal experts at The Davis Kelin Law Firm work hard for their clients to receive a fair settlement that covers the economic and non-economic damages they’ve sustained. With professional legal counseling, clients can receive compensation that provides relief from financial burden and covers medical bills, funeral expenses, or cremation costs.


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Tragedies such as fatal accidents leave bereaved families with the overwhelming task of honoring victims’ lives with a viewing or funeral service. If someone chose cremation instead of burial, or vice versa, their surviving loved ones should accept that. Family members should decide to cremate or bury the deceased in cases where that person didn’t make a choice.

Mourning families should enlist the assistance and funeral services of professionals, such as those at Legacy Cremation Services, who understand the emotional, mental, and sometimes physical hardships brought on by death. Legacy Cremation Services is a funeral home that supports families before, during, and after funeral services. Families who make plans with this funeral home can save money compared to if they used another funeral home. When this funeral home performs cremation services, they do so at better costs, with the highest care and compassion, and respect for the deceased and the ones they left behind.


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Bereaved families should consider seeking professional therapy and counseling for help coping with and overcoming the emotional trauma and stress of adjusting to life after a life-changing event such as a fatal accident. Allowing law experts such as personal injury lawyers to handle the legal aspects of tragedies, and entrusting experienced cremation service companies with funeral and cremation plans that respect the deceased enables families to focus on mourning their loved ones and healing after tragedy.

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