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How to Plan a Hawaiian Honeymoon

If you don’t live in Hawaii permanently, you have probably considered a vacation to this beautiful collection of islands at some point or another. It’s a hot spot for honeymoons, anniversary trips, and it serves as a perfect place for anyone who’s craving travel to somewhere with warm, nearly perfect weather all year round.

While unforgettable, a vacation to Hawaii is also not cheap. Between the flight, accommodations, meals, and extracurricular activities, the price of a Hawaiian vacation will add up quickly. We’ve outlined some things to consider while planning your honeymoon to the islands, as well as how to visit Hawaii with a limited budget.


Shop around for flights and accommodations.

There are several different ways to decrease the amount spent on flights and accommodations during your trip. For example, the cheapest days to fly out are on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Flights leaving on Friday and Saturday are almost always bound to be more expensive than earlier in the week. You might lean towards one or two airlines, but if you broaden your search, it’s possible you could find a much cheaper deal through an airline you aren’t used to using. Thankfully, Google’s flight search tool makes it incredibly simple to find the cheapest rates for your next trip.

As far as accommodations go while you are in Hawaii, most honeymooners want to stay at a romantic, all-inclusive resort. There are several things to consider when going this route. Yes, all-inclusive resorts can save money by including alcohol, meals, and the room, but it’s 2020, and the options for luxurious accommodations are plentiful.

For example, Airbnb is changing the entire game for vacationing and is not your typical hotel experience. Airbnb allows hosts to give their guests a warm welcome and a once in a lifetime experience during their stay.


Check out local deals and specials.

Looking into deals that can be found on Groupon or local restaurant websites in the area you’re staying will be extremely beneficial while planning your honeymoon. Mapping out where you want to eat beforehand will save time when you arrive at your destination, and it could also help save money if you know where the deals are ahead of time.

It might be a good idea to get on some of the restaurant’s websites to see what their happy hour deals or specials are during the week. This will save you the stress of deciding where to eat each day, as well as money that can be spent on other activities during your vacation.

Get fancy on a budget.

We all want to look and feel our best on our honeymoon. If not just for ourselves and our partner, then for the photos that will inevitably be put on social media after the trip is over. Feeling good and looking good for this once in a lifetime vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. From wearing preowned dresses to preowned jewelry and accessories, you can still feel great without maxing out your credit card at a fancy department store.

If your new husband wants to feel fancy for one of the more high-class dinner evenings, he can take comfort in the fact there are several online shops that specialize in high quality, preowned accessories for men. Shop Hublot watches online to find some of the best deals on luxurious, preowned watches that are bound to turn heads from other travelers.


Stay in, and cuddle up.

It’s no surprise that newlywed couples are going to want to stay in, cuddle up, and get intimate during their honeymoon. Not only is this is a great way to connect on your first vacation with your new spouse, but it’s inexpensive in all the best ways. It’s great to choose a couple of exploratory or relaxing activities to do on your honeymoon, but there are also several benefits to hunkering down in your room with the windows open to feel the beautiful, warm Hawaiian breeze come through.


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