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How To Handle Slip and Fall Injuries

If you experience a slip and fall, it can lead to several injuries that can range from severe to minor. In some cases, people who slip and fall might require care for a head injury or broken bones. In other situations, you may only experience minor cuts and bruises. No matter how bad you think your fall injury is, it will be important to evaluate your condition and seek medical treatment if you experience any pain or discomfort to rule out any serious issues. Aside from this, however, there are a few other things that you should do in the event of a slip and fall.

Because slips, trips, and falls can happen almost anywhere, it is important to know how to handle this situation. Aside from tripping over your own shoes or losing your balance, many slips and trips result from some kind of negligence. Whether someone left something in a walkway, spilled a substance on the floor, or disregarded an uneven surface, by law, most public areas must be maintained and free of hazards. If you have experienced a slip and fall due to unsafe premise liability, you will need to ensure that your rights and needs are cared for. Let’s take a look at dealing with slip and fall injuries.

Seek medical care.


As discussed, the most important thing to do after a slip and fall is to seek medical attention. Even if you feel that your fall injury is minor, you will want to see a doctor ensure that your injuries are well documented. Your medical records will be an important factor if you seek compensation for a fall claim. Depending on your injuries, you may need to seek special orthopedic care to treat certain conditions. Based on your location, your doctor can recommend orthopedic care in Wayne, NJ, for example, to seek treatment for your injuries. Getting proper medical care will be imperative for any fall victims.

Report the accident.

No matter if the slip and fall occurred at the grocery store, on the sidewalk, or at a friend’s house, you’ll want to report the accident to the manager, property owner, or landlord. Try to get the details of the incident in writing by requesting the manager or property owner to do a written report. You’ll want to make sure that you get a copy of the report before you leave. Similar to your medical records, this will be another paper trail that will document the incident and injuries.

Document as many details as you can.

It will be important that you collect as much information as you can. Most premise liability cases will require that the details and resulting injuries are well documented. Try to collect the names and contact information of any witnesses who saw the fall or helped you after the fact. Statements and accounts from witnesses can help prove your request for fair compensation if you decide to pursue a claim. You might also take pictures of the exact location of your fall and any of the circumstances that created an unsafe condition.

Contact an attorney.


Personal injury lawyers are qualified to help you seek compensation for medical bills and other expenses resulting from a slip and fall. If your fall accident resulted from a negligent property owner, you might be entitled to fair compensation. A personal injury lawyer can give you legal advice and help you with specific information about your situation. You can search for a slip and fall lawyer near you to find a qualified attorney in your area.

A slip and fall can be really embarrassing. However, it can also be very painful and lead to serious injuries. If hazardous conditions have caused you to slip and fall, you’ll want to seek medical treatment and consider any potential claim for fair compensation.

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