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Homeowner Tips for Moving South

Moving south is a dream for many northerners. Whether you’re picking up your family to seek a more relaxing existence in the Sunshine State, or you want to retire in the lower half of the U.S. after spending years in the frigid northern regions of Detroit or New York, the southern states of Florida, Texas, or Arizona all offer spectacular options for reinventing yourself.

Truthfully, there are a number of considerations to be made when planning a move, starting with the draw of each state for young families or retirees alike. Fortunately, these are not difficult to navigate. South Florida is a particularly attractive location for movers because of the cultural diversity and lack of a state income tax, additionally. It’s a great place to start your search, and those were just a few of many reasons why people move to Florida. No matter which southern state you choose, here are some great tips to make the most of your move.

Get to know your air conditioning unit.

The AC unit in your home will be your best friend in the south. No matter where you settle, from Orlando to Biloxi, your air conditioning system is an essential piece of your happiness in the home. Air conditioners tend to last ten to fifteen years on average, however, the extreme weather swings that afflict basically all southern states means that this estimate is anything but accurate. As a homeowner here, you’ll need to conduct regular maintenance on your HVAC system in order to identify when your air conditioning system is past its prime and irreparable.

AC is crucial because the central heating systems that power climate control functions within the home will keep you cool during the blazing summer afternoons and warm throughout the chilly winter nights.

Get involved in your local community.

Southern communities are often tight-knit affairs. The members of your neighborhood can be your best friends if you join the community with friendliness and open arms. The people you will live near are some of the nation’s most generous and friendly neighbors you could ever hope to meet.

Taking advantage of club outings and sports teams is a great way to engage your family in the new place you’ve chosen to call home. Floridians boast professional championships in all major U.S. sports (professional Football, Hockey, Baseball, and Basketball) and are avid fans of an even wider array of sporting events that include the Daytona 500 and the Disney Marathon. The social calendar in the south is jam-packed with events all year round, so finding that niche where you feel at home is incredibly easy.

Take advantage of the nation’s greatest tourist destinations in your backyard.

Florida is the playground of the United States. From Disney World to a smattering of top-ranked beaches, the state offers an incredible array of holiday options. As a new Florida resident, you’re entitled to discounts at theme parks and increased access to vacation magnets all across the peninsula. Only a few hours’ drives separates the Jacksonville Jaguars from Miami Beach along Florida’s Atlantic Ocean coastline, and historic Clearwater, Tallahassee, and the Florida Keys are all a day’s journey away from nearly any town in the state. The ability to get away for a weekend to any one of the nation’s most enviable destinations is something that all Floridians live to take advantage of. It may be a new freedom for you, but getting used to this lifestyle doesn’t take much work!

Moving south is a fantastic experience. The weather is milder and the lifestyle more relaxed. Take advantage of all the fantastic things Florida and the entire southern region have to offer by escaping the cold weather this season and rooting in the south for the years to come.

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