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Thinking About Proposing? 3 Things to Consider Before Popping the Question

December is the most popular time of year to get engaged and it’s easy to see why. You and your partner can bundle up for a fun day of winter activities like sledding or skiing and then cozy up by the fire before you pop the question. Many people also like to propose around the holidays so they can easily share the good news with family members. If you’re considering a winter proposal, it’s time to start considering your options and the ramifications of this important decision.


Here are three things you’ll want to consider before popping the question.


The Ring

You can’t propose without having a ring, even if it’s just a placeholder. Some partners love the idea of designing the ring together before the proposal, but many still prefer surprising her with a gorgeous ring. Maybe your mother has given you her engagement ring to use for your partner, but you know she’s going to want it customized. You could use the heirloom ring for the big day and then take a trip to the jewelers to customize the ring of her dreams. Perhaps your partner has already sent you plenty of ideas and you’ve got a clear picture of what she’s looking for.


Head to a local jeweler or schedule a virtual appointment. You can search “engagement rings Maryland” to find a great local jewelry store run by experts. They’ll help you find the perfect engagement ring for your future wife, whether it’s a halo, vintage, or solitaire ring. This process might take longer than you expect, so if you’re planning a December proposal, it’s not too early to start planning and talking with the professionals.



The Insurance

When you purchase expensive jewelry like a wedding ring, you need to make sure it’s properly insured. Engagement ring insurance will protect your partner’s ring from theft or loss. After purchasing the ring and having it appraised, you can get it insured right away and it doesn’t cost much to have it covered. It’s a good idea to ask the provider about the details of your insurance, such as what exactly is covered and what isn’t.


You’ll also want to update your home contents insurance. This provides coverage for the contents of your home and could offer replacement cost coverage or actual cash value coverage. You’ll want to compare home contents insurance policies with iSelect to find the one that best suits your need. Having these two insurances will provide as much coverage as possible and ensure that your partner’s ring is financially protected.



The Day Of

The last thing you’ll need to consider is what you’ll do on the day of the proposal. Decide where and how you’d like to pop the question. You might take your partner on a romantic getaway and ask her while you’re away. Maybe you plan a day full of her favorite activities and propose at the end of the day. What you decide should be determined by what she prefers. A proposal should be personal and meaningful, so while skywriting might sound exciting, if she’s not into big gestures it won’t go over very well.


If you’re struggling to think of ideas, ask a family member or friend for suggestions (ideally someone who won’t let her in on the secret!). If you’re not used to planning events for the two of you, make sure you factor in travel time if you’re going to multiple destinations and time for meals. Also, decide where you’ll stash the ring on the day—you don’t want to hike up that mountain at sunset just to realize you’ve let the ring in your sock drawer.



Planning a proposal is fun, exciting, and nerve-wracking. Make sure you have the details locked down long before the big day and try to enjoy asking her. You’ll hear her say “yes” before too long!

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