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The Art of Manliness: 5 Tips for Increasing Your Confidence

Are you struggling to find your footing in the dating world? Perhaps you’re a bit unsure of your identity and your direction in your career, which can seep into other aspects of your life and shake your confidence. Manliness comes in many shapes and forms and one of the best things you can do is know who you are, which can lead to a confidence boost in many different aspects of your life.


Let go of ideas and stereotypes of what makes a man “manly.” Instead, work on embracing your best characteristics to appreciate who you are and find genuine confidence in yourself. From amping up your look, to taking up a new hobby, or even shaping up those dating skills, we have plenty of tips for you to embrace your inner manliness.


1. Take care of yourself

From diet to personal hygiene, self-care is a crucial part of your self-worth and confidence. Setting aside a bit of time each day to groom yourself is a great place to start. Taking care of your appearance and cultivating personal style is a healthy routine to establish. By having a maintained haircut and style and a healthy routine, you are investing in yourself, which extends beyond just your physical appearance.


If you are sporting a beard like many men are these days, there are numerous tricks and tools to keep them looking fresh and groomed. Whether you have a short beard or a long beard, products like beard oil and beard balm help style your beard and keep each bristle in place, while leaving a nice lingering scent. If you have an unruly beard and are looking to style and maintain frizz, you might consider heat tools to care for your beard. A heated beard comb might be just the tool you are looking for. The best beard combs will have a pick to work through tangles, while the heat will create volume, leaving your beard looking better than ever.



2. Refine your dating game

A lack of confidence in yourself shows quickly, particularly when you’re on the dating scene. Dating can be a tedious, vulnerable game. Before heading out on your next date, why not pick up a few pointers from PUA Training? Whether you’re browsing some of their tips on how to talk to women, or you want to talk directly with any of their professional coaches, PUA Training can offer you advice that will leave you feeling both manly and confident. Carry this confidence with you on your next date, and see where it takes you that night.





3. Exercise

Exercising is one of the fastest ways to boost your confidence as a man. By creating an exercise routine, you are regularly committing to your physical and mental health. You are challenging yourself, while at the same time improving your overall strength and wellness.


By nature, the increased blood flow from exercise will make you feel awake and energized, while the hormones released during exercise boost your confidence. The added benefit of sculpting a toned, muscular body doesn’t hurt, either. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or hiker, are an avid basketball or soccer player, or prefer doing body weight exercises, your options to exercise your way into a healthier, confident version of yourself are wide and varied.



4. Learn a new skill

Learning new skills demonstrates that you are capable of adapting to anything life may throw your way. Challenging yourself by learning something new — whether it be woodworking, trying your hand at cooking, or learning how to fix a car — is a definite way to boost your confidence. By continuing to learn, you prove to yourself the depth of your capabilities.



5. Focus on the positive

One of the quickest ways for your confidence to flounder is by allowing negative thoughts to outweigh the positive. Rather than concentrate on what you haven’t accomplished and rather than criticize where you are in your career, relationship, or fitness journey, turn the mindset around. Acknowledge your negative thoughts and then refocus your intention to turn your doubts into action. Releasing the negative, turning them into opportunities for learning, and adopting a positive mindset will quickly boost your confidence and set you on the path to becoming the man you dream of being.

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