Making Quarantine More Managable: 4 Products to Keep Life Interesting

Day in and day out, life in quarantine is pretty much the same. You’ve got your routine down, and although it can be reassuring, this kind of sameness everyday can get pretty old, pretty fast. Gone are the days of going out with friends, and you can only rewatch Friends so many times before you want to cry—not to mention how quickly your house probably gets messy with dishes and half-finished “quarantine projects.” Don’t worry. There is hope. Break up the monotony and make life a little bit more interesting with these four products.





1. Your new best friend

Feeling lonely? You can buy yourself a new best friend that you don’t have to stand six feet away from. And even better than the company is the fact that this friend will actually clean your house, instead of leaving empty wine glasses on your counters. Who is this miracle person? It’s actually your new robot vacuum cleaner! Have your cats been leaving their hair in every corner, nook, and cranny of your apartment? Are you tired of bending over with a hand vacuum to take care of it? Your new best friend has got it covered. Not all best friends are alike, so make sure you research and look into all of the different types of vacuums. You can meet your robot vacuum cleaner at NewEgg, a top online retailer that offers competitive prices. The help around the house is well worth the money you’ll spend. You’ll have fewer chores to do and a bit of entertainment.





2. Magic mirror on the wall…

You might not have changed out of sweatpants for the past fifty days, and that’s totally understandable. If this has made you feel a little less in touch with your feminine side, it might be time to treat yourself to something that will make you feel great about your body again. Show off your shape in some new lingerie. You don’t have to buy it for someone special, although if you’re quarantining with your partner, they probably won’t mind. Why not just dress up for yourself? Doing something nice for you—besides ordering takeout—would definitely be a nice change of pace. If you’re not into looking super sultry, purchase a robe or something a little more subdued. Get something that makes you feel great.





3. Feeling crafty

Organizing your house, although a valiant effort, isn’t exactly am enjoyable activity. It’s awesome once you’ve accomplished it, but the journey to get there isn’t very fun. Having an activity that will keep your mind and hands busy in an exciting way while also rendering you a fun product can certainly keep your life interesting. If you claim you’re not an artsy person, there are so many beginner kits available on Etsy and Michaels that will walk you through crafts step by step. If you find that you enjoy making macramé, embroidered home goods, or any other craft you can think of, you could get a head start on your holiday gifts while you’re stuck inside.





4. Bringing a little life into your home

You may have never before had plants in your home because you were afraid you’d forget to water them. Without much else going on, it’s a perfect time to take up indoor gardening. Companies like the Garden Republic make it very straightforward. They send you a box with seeds, starter burlap containers, soil disks, and detailed instructions about how to sow and grow your plants. If one of your crops doesn’t take, they’ll even send you replacement seeds for free and help you troubleshoot. Grow your own herbs for tea or cooking. You’ll get to enjoy watching them grow as you pass the time waiting for the world to find a new normal.

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