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How to Reignite the Spark in a Marriage After the Kids Move Out

For married couples with children, life can become a chaotic list of one responsibility after another. Bringing up children can take a lot of time and money, so your marriage will take a backseat for several years. So, it will take time to get back in the groove of things after your children finally move out.

Empty nest syndrome can affect your marriage’s stability, so it’s vital to make an effort to get the spark back. Instead of waiting for marital bliss to set in on its own, take steps towards it. You can do this by buying your partner custom jewelry, spicing things up in the bedroom with sexy sleepwear, or taking a road trip across the United States together. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s something you will both enjoy. Here’s how to bring some excitement back into your marriage.

Exchange gifts for no reason.


Do you remember the jewelry, boutique accessories, watches, and gift cards you once bought for each other? The best way to reignite the romance is to shower each other with gifts. Whatever merchandise you pick, make sure it’s something your partner will love. Update their engagement ring, or get them a pretty piece of jewelry.

If paying for college has left you a little light in the wallet, shop around for clearance sales, promotions, discounts, and e-gift cards. You can get excellent quality jewelry from an online retailer, so don’t limit yourself to custom design boutiques and fancy jewelry stores. If you’re not sure about what your partner likes, browse through new arrivals at a jewelry boutique together.

To ensure you’re making proper buying decisions, find a reputable jewelry store in your area. It will also prevent any issues when it comes to jewelry repairs and returns. Consider a place like Jewelry By Designs, where you can get diamond engagement rings and wedding bands to renew your vows, pretty necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The Northern Virginia Jewelers also offer great estate jewelry options.

Spice up your lingerie drawer.

When did you last add new lingerie to your closet? Even something as simple as new sleepwear can help spice things up in the bedroom. Now that your kids have left, you can focus on treating yourself — and your partner — to a new wardrobe. It’s an excellent idea to start with your underwear drawer. Consider picking up some bras on sale, buy a pretty new bralette or update your panty collection. A few exciting additions to the bedroom can help you feel like a young couple again.

Take a stress-free vacation.


You may think that if your marriage survived the stress of raising children, you’re in the clear. Unfortunately, external stressors can strike at any time, and several may come up after your children move out. Since any stress can leave you feeling weak, unmotivated, and withdrawn, you have to eliminate it to reinvigorate your marriage.

You can do this by taking a stress-free vacation with your partner. Consider a technology-free road trip across the United States or a flight to a romantic island destination. Leave work, daily responsibilities, and technology behind and use the time to rediscover one another.

Try something new together.

If you can’t take a vacation together, consider trying something new together. You can visit a new location, cross a hobby off from your wishlist, or enjoy seasonal activities together. Whether it’s something as simple as apple-picking or as complicated as a salsa class, doing it together will help bring you closer together.

See a therapist together.


Don’t wait till you have marriage trouble to see a therapist. You may find the spark is missing because of an inability to communicate or because you’re so used to using all your energy to raise your children. You may have to make compromises or adjustments to get back in the groove again. Couples therapy can serve many purposes, and a therapist can help you reignite the spark. Make an appointment with a therapist who specializes in intimacy issues so you can get the best out of your sessions.

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