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How to Plan the Perfect Family Vacation (Yes, Even During a Pandemic)

For many, a family vacation can be the highlight of the year, but the COVID-19 pandemic is changing what that looks like for most families. With airports are operating differently, businesses opening for limited hours, and the usual spots all doing things a bit differently, it might be a little challenging this year to plan your usual trip. Fortunately, with a little diligent planning, you can still have an exciting and enjoyable family vacation during COVID-19.

According to a survey by AAA, some 88 million Americans said they planned to take a family vacation within a year. With so many people planning their vacations, even during a pandemic, there are a lot of things to consider. Some things to consider are your vacation spot, method of travel, clothing, and finances. Planning a trip for multiple generations of family members with diverse likes, dislikes, and needs can be complicated. We will outline some tips for helping you plan the best vacation for your family even during this complicated time.

Pandemic Considerations


Planning a safe vacation during COVID-19 might take a little more time than usual. However, you can easily narrow down your options by following some guidelines. The first thing you’ll want to consider is a safe travel destination during COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a COVID-19 tracker that can help pinpoint which places pose a higher risk of exposure. You’ll also need to consider any travel restrictions that may be imposed by local or state authorities. The easiest way to approach this may be to start by looking at states that have the fewest cases, then see where there might be activities your family will enjoy.

Choosing a Destination

Every family will have a different idea of what activities are fun for them. If your family generally tourist city trips, beach trips, or resort getaways, you’ll need to be extra diligent and keep in mind the considerations already discussed. You will need to do some research and choose the activity or destination that will provide both fun and safety for your family. Do you love to hike or kayak? Do you want to avoid a long flight? Have you been dreaming about hot springs or cold climates? You will also need to consider accommodations. Most hotels vacation rentals are taking extra precautions to ensure your family has a safe and enjoyable time. Even with certain restrictions of the times, however, there is plenty of fun to be had.

During this time, an adventure into US National Parks or National Forests is likely to yield a ton of safe fun. While some national park service operations might be limited or operating differently right now, there will still be a multitude of opportunities to get outside and explore the beauty of places such as Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, or Glacier Bay National Park. You can browse through the national parks in each state and choose which might be right for your family. There are so many National Parks in the United States, you will be sure to find the right adventure.

Choosing a Mode of Travel

With certain restrictions on air travel at the moment, it might be better for your family to embark on a good old fashioned road trip. The automobile might be a safer option for traveling at this time. This is especially true if you’re just traveling within the state or somewhere within a day or two. You can always embark on your own Griswold family road trip across the country if you up for it. Of course, you can still book a flight for a family vacation, though it will depend on state restrictions and your flight options might be limited. Finally, you could also rent a vehicle or an RV for your family vacation. With a little preparation and caution, there are various modes of travel that you can consider for your family vacation.

Tackling the Packing Challenges

Once you have chosen your destination and planned your vacation, it is time to start packing. During this time, it is important to remember to masks and sanitizers to stay safe. Be sure to check the most up to date recommendations by local health and CDC authorities. Aside from this, however, your travel wardrobe will obviously depend on your destination. The best travel clothes are easy care travel clothes. You will want stylish travel clothes that are easy to pack, wrinkle-free, and not a lot of fuss. Consider packing solid colors and travel shirts that don’t react to moisture. Good travel shoes will also be important. Your vacation should be spent enjoying your time with family and not worrying about your outfit. Choosing clothes that are right for traveling near or far will be your best bet.

Even with everything going on today, your family can still enjoy a well-deserved fun vacation. After spending a little extra time to prepare and take some precautions, you can head out on the adventure you choose. Whether going to the beach, the mountains, or a wonderful National Park, your family will be sure to have a blast.

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