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How To Find the Perfect Valentine’s Gift

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, the perfect way to pick out the right gift is to go on instinct. And if you consider your partner’s passions and interests, you can’t go wrong in how you choose to show your affection. From starting with the classics to getting more creative, there’s a great Valentine’s Day gift out there just screaming for your attention. For tips on where to look and what to consider, read on.

The Classics


Everyone knows about buying partner flowers for Valentine’s day. This tradition is a classic for a reason. Throughout history, florists have been selling Valentine’s Day flowers to couples looking to celebrate their true love. From roses to daisies, Valentine’s Day flowers are as much of a go-to as boxes of chocolates, stuffed animals, and candies.

If you’re considering taking a risk with your sweetheart’s Valentine’s Day gift this year, start with a classic as your fallback plan, and you can’t go wrong.

Collectables and Mementos


Once you have those Valentine’s flowers in hand, it’ll be easy to get bolder. Instead of reaching for that box store stuffed animal, think vintage or retro. From musical instruments to discount antique vases, secondhand and pawnshops often sell hidden treasures that will make this year’s gift unique for a fair price.

Maybe you live in Ohio and haven’t been able to shop like usual due to the pandemic. Consider a pawn shop in Newbury Township, OH, where Main Street businesses don’t have the same crowds as the bigger stores. In a pawn or secondhand store, you’ll be able to take your time finding the perfect give for your Valentine. Maybe he collects vintage records. See what you can come up with for an old album he loved as a teenager. Maybe she has fond memories of the ballet when she was a kid. That vintage pair of worn slippers could bring a smile to her face this Valentine’s Day.



The best gifts are the ones you put the most thought into. Instead of the traditional diamond heart-shaped pendent, think more creatively. You can be creative with any jewelry just by giving her favorite styles, fashions, and even cultures a nod. Think custom. If she’s always wanted to travel to Australia, this is a great opportunity to have a pendant made out of shells or coral from the Great Barrier Reef. If he’s constantly checking his phone for the time, it might be the best time ever to pick up that antique or even custom-designed watch.

The way to make a Valentine’s gift special is to think past the box of chocolates. While it’s great to give those classics a nod at Cupid, going one step further with a more personal gift will mean a lot. If you’re still stuck, pay attention for a week. Where do they go when they’re most relaxed? How does your sweetheart like to spend their free time? What are their favorite hobbies or interests? You’ll get bonus points for noticing little things. Maybe she’s been struggling with an old hairdryer. Maybe his favorite leather gloves have a wear a hole in the index finger. It’s in the tiny details where you might get ideas on how to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day.

Last, if you’re still stuck, think about writing your feelings down. Love letters have lasted throughout time as a fantastic way to make a person feel special. If money is tight, take some time to write your feelings down. Add the lyrics of a special song or even try your hand at a poem. Your partner will love it as much as they love you.

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