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Dealing With a Chronic Illness in a Retirement Home

While a retirement community can be a welcome oasis for people of a certain age to share time together, the services provided in these locations also have to put a focus on coping with illness. If you are placing a loved one in a retirement home, you want to know that in the event they are diagnosed or are battling a serious disease, they are in the best hands possible. Here are some ways that facilities and patients alike can deal with chronic illness.

Chronic Illness and Older Adults


When long-term patients are placed in retirement communities, it’s not a rarity. For some of the most common chronic diseases in older adults, from heart disease to dementia, treatment options will vary based on how severe the symptoms of the condition are. Minor issues may be treated at home and may not necessitate further intervention. If you’re having severe medical issues, nursing homes can provide a patient with round-the-clock care. This also prevents the need for constant trips to the hospital to address any flaring symptoms of medical conditions.

Chronic health conditions require help and early action to understand and deal with the many effects of the disease. Learning to manage stress helps to maintain a positive atmosphere. A brighter emotional and spiritual outlook allows for positivity in dealing with long-term exposure to an illness. A retirement community will offer mental health services to their clientele, working in conjunction with treatment for any ailment from lung disease to cancer. This regains a sense of control and improves the quality of life for the patient and their loved ones.

Assisted Living


If you or a loved one is dealing with a chronic disease, long-term care facilities may be in your best interest. Assisted living facilities are often turned to, allowing for a level of care for patients while not being observed 24/7, preserving some of their way of life. Many assisted living facilities to have measures in place to keep patients safe, like medical staff on-call or nurses within a designated facility. Some locations will provide emergency pendants for residents to press in the event of a medical episode, such as a slip and fall.

Medication may be a key part of dealing with a long-term illness, so assisted living facilities will work to let you enjoy a quality of life while making sure you are receiving a proper dosage of your meds. Medication adherence is crucial for chronic disease sufferers. Failure to take medication can lead to flare-ups and a worsening condition. Assisted living facilities work with your physicians and medical care team to make sure that all prescriptions are monitored regularly, and adjustments are made in accordance with a doctor’s advice.

Independent Living Facilities


Independent living facilities are designed to allow older people a chance to maintain a quality of life with their peers. These facilities allow for even chronic patients to take on some form of safe socialization. Chronic illness, be it asthma or emphysema, can limit interactions with others and create a feeling of isolation. Experts have found that loneliness is highly detrimental to the overall health of a person suffering from illnesses like COPD or other health problems. Choosing to live in an independent living facility allows patients to branch out and make new relationships without significant effort.

These facilities operate with a regular checkup and medical evaluation but make sure that no matter the health problems you’re dealing with, you are not limited in the ability to make friends. Medical history is reviewed by experts and updated in accordance with treatment. Round-the-clock services are available to assure that if a chronic patient needs sudden evaluation or care, they will get it with immediacy. After all, the goal of a retirement community is to provide peace of mind and a safe space for anyone dealing with a recurring medical condition.

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