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7 Dog Breeds That Are Great in the Office

Nothing can compare to the love that dogs share. Emotional support animals are great for anxiety and depression, so why not bring a loving canine into your office space? After all, dogs are man’s best friend. Who doesn’t love to work beside their best friend all day long?


Dogs in the office bring up company morale, help bring workers together and bring joy to the faces of most people that walk through the door. The office is supposed to be a place of work, so a little dog that is prone to constant barking like a chihuahua may not be the best pick for an office dog.


All dogs are different, so you may want to spend some time with various breeds before you choose the right pooch for your workspace. Here are some favorite pups to boost your work morale:


1. Retrievers

Retrievers are the most popular family dog. Famous families on television tend to own one of these two types of retrievers as pets because they are great family dogs, smart, and easy to train. These dogs are friendly but fair warning: they do tend to shed.


2. Poodles

If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic dog, the Poodle might be the office dog for you. These dogs are exceptionally smart, so much so that they are often used to accomplish tricks as show dogs.


3. Pugs

Pugs are super friendly and very low energy. If you’re in an office space where your best friend has to lay low for most of the day, this breed may be the one for you!


4. Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are great office dogs. They are friendly and best of all, they do not shed as often as other breeds! Yorkies are laid back and can go unnoticed in an office environment, making them the perfect dogs to have around a noisy workspace.


5. Malteses

Malteses are great social dogs, they are also very quiet. These dogs don’t need a lot of attention and won’t be bustling around your ankles all day.


6. English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs go great in a busy office environment. The breed is very low energy and can laze around the office and show off their pearly whites for most of the day. These dogs have special snouts that make them snort sometimes unexpectedly. This breed may not be ideal for offices that are very quiet.


7. Schnauzers

Schnauzers are medium-sized dogs that are great in noisy environments. These dogs tend to bark more often than others. This behavior can be corrected by using the right techniques or tools. Beyond the barking schnauzers are friendly and welcoming.


Dogs are like tiny humans which means they do get sick. There are various breed-specific illnesses that can occur in your furry friend over the years that you should be prepared for. The best way to prepare for any unexpected health-related incident is to purchase pet insurance. Pet insurance plans cover different procedures and sometimes can have a co-pay. Be sure to shop around to get the best protection for your office pet, your whole office will thank you for keeping them safe. Compare pet insurance plans with iSelect.


When it comes to choosing a dog for your office, choosing by breed is a smart way to avoid breed-specific health issues as well as behaviors. This doesn’t mean that any type of dog can’t steal the heart of your entire office. All dogs can be trained to be quiet in the office so choose your furry co-workers based on their personalities, and give mixed breeds a chance as well. Life is better with a dog, so why not improve your work-life with doggy love? Search for the perfect friend for your office today!

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