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5 Ways to Honor a Cremated Loved One

Individuals who have recently lost a loved one can have a difficult time processing their grief and moving toward healing; however, there may be aspects of the death that people can have extra trouble working through as well. For example, those with loved ones who have chosen cremation over a traditional burial may struggle either with their faith or because they may not have gotten the funeral service they were expecting. No matter what the reason may be, there are plenty of ways to honor your loved one after the cremation process. To help you work through this difficult time, here are five ways you can honor a cremated loved one.




Honoring a Loved One

1. Take Something Near and Dear to Them and Designate a Specific Spot for the Item

Whether it’s a small figurine or a personal book, our loved ones have plenty of items that they were highly attached to. When they pass on, take that item and find a spot for it where you will pass by every day. In that spot, you may also choose to fill the surrounding area with their urn, some large white candles, pictures, and other items you can view daily that will remind you of your loved one. This way, you will always have something to remember them by in your home.


2. Pursue a Charitable Cause in Their Name

If your loved one was a fan of giving back to their community, you can set up a fund or engage in a charitable act in their memory to honor them. Whether this means setting up a charity that donates to a certain cause, donating a certain amount to your loved one’s favorite charity, or setting up your own event that provides an important type of service to the community, there are plenty of ways to give back that would make your loved one proud. If generosity was a major part of their lives, you can honor them by making it part of yours.


3. Hold a Memorial Service for Them

While deciding on a cremation arrangement and enlisting the help of cremation services may not allow you to have a burial for your loved one, that does not mean that you can’t honor them in other ways. Instead, host a memorial service for them that allows important friends and family to gather, celebrate their life, and share all of the great memories that you had with them. Of course, this kind of event can also offer the kind of grief support you need to deal with the immediate impact of your loss. Even though you can’t have a funeral service, you can still celebrate what they meant to you with the people who matter most.


4. Start a New Tradition With Other Family and Friends

Holidays and important milestones can feel a little less exciting without your loved one around. For example, if you spent Christmas with the person that has passed, decorating the house with advent candles and wreaths or making goodies and wrapping presents, you may feel like that tradition has left with them. Rather than allowing the loss to impact your holidays, make a new tradition in their honor that blends old traditions with new memories. Observing their personal favorite activities while doing new things that make you and others happy is a great way to cherish someone who is gone.


5. Plant a Tree or Start a Garden

Sometimes, the simplest efforts mean the most. Many individuals enjoy planting a tree or a garden to remember their loved one by. Much like the small collection of items at the top of the list, a living reminder is something that you must take care of every day. As your plants grow and flourish, your memory of your family member or friend does, too. You can also choose to place an urn, a plaque, or another item nearby to mark that spot for the person you are honoring to make the space more sacred.


If you have already selected professional cremation services and need to begin the grieving process, use the five tips above to honor the memory of your cremated loved one and ensure that you keep their memory alive.

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