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3 Things to Expect From Your First Tutoring Session

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our day-to-day routines upside down. We are forced to work from home, limit our time and interactions at stores and restaurants, and more. However, perhaps it’s kids who really have seen the biggest change. A day at school now consists of a day in front of the computer screen. Interactions with teachers and classmates are virtually non-existent, and have limited students in their ability to get the extra help they may need.


Online math tutoring services have become a great asset to students during these times of social distancing, as they provide students with a tutor who operates around a student’s schedule with an emphasis on coursework they may be currently struggling with.




Greater Insights

Online math tutors like the ones at HelloThinkster are trained math educators who build personalized lesson plans that cater to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. They use their knowledge of both the math curriculum and their students’ strengths and weaknesses to guide students to math success.

Instructors assign tests at grade and topic level, observing data such as time taken and accuracy to discover which concepts the student needs to work on next.


Despite not being right in the room with a student, online tutors are able to provide whiteboard coaching and feedback sessions that help the coach and the student identify points of struggle. Tutors also help students understand the nature of their errors, and focus on difficult concepts.


Customer First-Class Learning

Through varying math curriculums, tutoring services are becoming aligned with Common Core and State Standards, designed to build analytical and critical reasoning skills.


The Common Core State Standards Initiative is an educational initiative from 2010 that details what K-12 throughout the United States should know in mathematics and English language arts at the conclusion of each school year.


Online tutors customize curriculums to meet the learning patterns and needs of each student, such as for advancement, supplemental work, or extra help. Math tutors intend to shape a student’s learning plan to mirror their classroom work, providing extra practice or more of a challenge.





Getting That Human Touch

Not being able to access peer tutors or their instructors leaves students searching for answers to the answers in this “new normal” we’ve come to adjust to in recent months. Interacting face-to-face may be tough to accommodate in a safe fashion that accounts for social distancing, but math tutors have been able to create that same interaction from afar.


Math tutors are able to carry out worksheets online for students to test their skill level, and provide personalized comments to students upon completion. If an issue arises, tutors are able to provide additional support for students through videos and notes.


Online tutors provide one-on-one whiteboard sessions with students that are used to coach through challenging concepts, preview topics, answer homework questions, or prep for tests. Much like with tutors in real life or in-person professors, phone calls with parents or guardians can occur in order to discuss the learning plan and goals further.


Setting up tutoring appointments

Tutoring schedules are able to accommodate student learning for Kindergarten through 8th grade based on not just a student’s day-to-day virtual school sessions, but their strengths and weakness regardless of subject matter.


Based on a student’s needs, an online tutor could lock down tutoring appointments on an as-needed basis, or daily to better pave the way for a student’s academic successes. Tutoring services have been proven to boost test scores for students by as much as 90%.


Tutoring appointments can also be accommodated for students at the High School level, even in the most difficult of topics (like trigonometry or calculus) that may seem insurmountable.

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